Touch OSC Remote Control

Documentation for NESS v1.2.0

The TouchOSC application can be downloaded at this address:

The documentation is available at this address:

  1. Open the file APG_NESS.tosc with the TouchOSC application

To connect the application to NESS

  1. Open the menu “connections” (button btn)
  2. Open the OSC tab
  3. Configure a UDP connection
  4. Enter the IP address of the computer on which NESS is launched
  5. Set the sending port to 4000
  6. Set the receiving port to 40001
  7. The IP address of the device on which TouchOSC is running must be entered in the Settings panel of NESS
  8. Launch the application button btn
  9. In the snapshots tab, click on « update snapshot table », the list of snapshots displayed in NESS must be loaded
  10. Select a snapshot from the TouchOSC app
  11. Check the sources positions in the Global view tab. It must be the same as in NESS
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