NESS simulation

This applet implements a psychoacoustic model that shows you how an audio object is perceived when spatialized on a loudspeaker setup with NESS algorithm.

The model and all parameters are explained in the white paper

On this simulation, you can:

  • Define your loudspeaker setup:
    • Define the number of speaker to uses
    • Define their their directivity (off axis angle for which you get a -6 dB attenuation)
    • Place the speakers by using the two green handles
  • Define your audio object characteristics
    • Place your sound source by moving the purple point
    • Choose between a stationary sound or a percussive sound
    • Choose the width of the audio object
  • Place your listener
  • Define the algorithm parameters
    • Define the rolloff ratio
    • Set the Blur parameter
    • Activate the delays (WFS mode) or not (DBAP mode)

The simulation shows the perceived direction and width of the audio object at the listener position.
Feel free to experiment different configurations and scenarios !

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  1. Thank you very much for this very useful simulation. We need tools to craft this new immersive audio world

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