In this tutorial, you will learn all the step to set up your NESS for your loudspeaker configuration Create a new session Configure your venue Place the loudspeakers NESS uses 4 groups of 8 loudspeakers to allow different processing for different kind of loudspeakers. for instance you an use a first group for a speaker […]

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In this tutorial, we will use Ableton Live, but you can reproduce it with any digital audio workstation VB Audio Matrix installation VB Audio Matrix is a free audio routing tool available for windows that allow the routing of audio streams between audio software and audio devices. How does it work VB Audio Matrix can

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Here is a Reaper project you can use as a basis for a NESS setup. It is composed of 16 audio objects tracks and one NESS monitoring track pre routed with ReaRoute. just drop your audio files in each of those tracks. Once open, you can save it as a template in Reaper: File >

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This project combines a Reaper project containing all tracks of the concerto pre-routed to NESS with ReaRoute and a NESS session. How to use it: To load it, you must first ensure that Rearoute is correctly installed on your Reaper version. if not, you can follow this tutorial to install it. Credits We would like

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NESS automations from Reaper with OSCar​ Windows & Mac This tutorial show you step by step how to control the audio objects in NESS from your audio software. In the tutorial, we use Reaper as a DAW, but the method can be applied to any other audio software supporting VST and automations. To learn how

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Routing audio from Reaper to NESS Windows & Mac   Installation of Reaper and ReaRoute 1. Download and install Reaper: Reaper 2. Launch the Reaper installer 3. Go to Optional functionality, and check “ReaRoute ASIO Driver” 4. Follow the instructions to finish the installation 5. Launch Reaper and open a multitrack project How to route

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Routing audio from any DAW to NESS​ Mac only This tutorial shows you step by step how to route audio from a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to NESS on a Mac Installation of Blackhole Blackhole is a virtual sound card available for MAC that allows the routing of audio streams between audio pieces of software

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