Routing audio from any DAW to NESS​

Mac only

This tutorial shows you step by step how to route audio from a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to NESS on a Mac

Installation of Blackhole

Blackhole is a virtual sound card available for MAC that allows the routing of audio streams between audio pieces of software

2. To install the Blackhole virtual driver, just follow the instructions

Configure track routing from Reaper to Ness

1. Launch Reaper and open the multitrack session

2. In the Preferences menu (shortcut = “cmd” + “,”), Go to the section Audio > Device, select Blackhole 16ch in the audio device menu


3. In the multitrack session of Reaper, open the “Routing Matrix” tab (View > Routing Matrix or “Alt+R”)

4. Uncheck the sends of each track to the Master bus

5. Check for each track the corresponding Blackhole output to set up the sends from Reaper to Blackhole.

You can group some tracks (example: two microphones of the snare) if your multitrack session has more than 16 tracks.

Setup the audio routing in NESS

1. Launch NESS

2. In the Audio Settings Menu, select the Core Audio driver

3. Select Blackhole 16ch as the input device

4. Select the hardware audio device connected to your sound system as the output device

5. In Reaper, press play. The audio streams must now be routed from Reaper to NESS

The audio streams are now routed from NESS to Reaper via Blackhole, and from NESS to your sound system via your sound card.

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