Routing audio from Reaper to NESS

Windows & Mac


Installation of Reaper and ReaRoute

  • 1. Download and install Reaper: Reaper
  • 2. Launch the Reaper installer
  • 3. Go to Optional functionality, and check “ReaRoute ASIO Driver”
  • 4. Follow the instructions to finish the installation
  • 5. Launch Reaper and open a multitrack project

How to route audio from Reaper’s tracks to NESS ?

  • 1. In the Reaper project, open the “Routing Matrix” tab (View > Routing Matrix of “alt+R”)
  • 2. Uncheck the sends of each track to the Master bus
  • 3. Check for each track the corresponding Rearoute output to set up the sends from Reaper to Rearoute.

How to route the audio from NESS to Reaperde ?

  • 1. Press CTRL + P to open the preference panel. Go to Audio > device and select the driver of your sound card.
  • 2. Add a new audio track to your project: Track > Insert new track at end of track list
  • 3. In the Route menu of the new track, change the number of channels to match the number of outputs of NESS
  • 4. In the same menu Route, uncheck all sends to the Master bus
  • 5. In the same menu, add a multichannel send to the hardware outputs of your soundcard. The number of channels to send can be set after selecting the first sound card output to use.
  • 6. Arm the NESS track, configure the recording format to multichannel and select as input channels the channels of ReaRoute
  • 7. Right rick on the meters of the NESS track and check Record: disable (input monitoring only)

The outputs of NESS are now routed via ReaRoute to Reaper, then from Reaper to your sound card outputs.

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