Ethan Winer’s Cello Concerto

This project combines a Reaper project containing all tracks of the concerto pre-routed to NESS with ReaRoute and a NESS session.

How to use it:

To load it, you must first ensure that Rearoute is correctly installed on your Reaper version. if not, you can follow this tutorial to install it.

  1. Unzip the file on your computer
  2. Move the ConcertoCello.json to your NESS sessions folder
  3. Open the reaper project in the EthanWiner_CelloConcerto_Full folder in Reaper.
  4. In the preferences of Reaper, choose your audio device.
  5. Open NESS and load the ConcertoCello.json session.
  6. In the audio settings of NESS, choose ad_asio ReaRoute as the audio driver
  7. Set the sampling rate and vector size to the one choosen for your audio device
  8. Activate the audio engine of NESS and unmute the master.
  9. Press Play in Reaper and enjoy !


We would like to thank Ethan Winer for giving us the authorization to use those recording. you can visit his website here :

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