NESS OSC control and commands

NESS integrates a full OSC (Open Sound Control) API to allow the remote control of the application. Any OSC compatible device or application can send OSC messages to NESS to recall scenarios, create fancy automations, time code a show or enable interactive performances.

The OSC protocol consists in messages sent through the network via UDP. A typicall message is composed of a header, the address which generally correspond to a parameter to control, and some arguments which are the values of the parameters.

For instance, this message controls the position of the object number 7 in NESS in cartesian normalized coordinates (x, y and z normalized between -1 and 1) :
/ness/obj/7/xyz -0.45 0.52 0.00

The following table describes all the messages to control NESS:

NESS parameterOSC headerArgumentTypeRangeExampleComments
source n name/ness/obj/(n)/name namestringany string without space/ness/obj/4/name totorenames the source
source n color/ness/obj/(n)/colorr g b afloats[-1.0 1.0] for each parameter/ness/obj/4/color 0.69 0.20 0.18 1.00color is given in rgba format (red green blue alpha)
source n position/ness/obj/(n)/xyz f f ffloats[-1.0 1.0] for each coordinate/ness/obj/4/xyz -0.9 0.15 0.0z coordinate is droped as NESS does not treat elevation
source n width/ness/obj/(n)/wffloat[0.0 180.0]/ness/obj/4/w 15.2
source n fader/ness/obj/(n)/faderiint[0 99]/ness/obj/4/fader 71
source n mute/ness/obj/(n)/muteiint0 or 1/ness/obj/4/mute 1
source n solo/ness/obj/(n)/soloiint0 or 1/ness/obj/4/solo 1
source n play movementness/obj/(n)/moovplaystring“play”ness/obj/4/moov playstart the movement of the source if programmed in NESS when it receives “play”
source n position on trajectoryness/obj/(n)/moovffloat[0.0 1.0]ness/obj/4/moov 0.65place the source along the trajectory. 0 is the first point of the trajectory, 1 the last point.
master mute/ness/master/muteiint0 or 1/ness/master/mute 1
master fader/ness/master/faderiint[0 99]/ness/master/fader 71
clear solo/ness/master/clearsoloiint1/ness/master/clearsolo 1clears all solo when the parameter switches to 1. nothing appends when it switches back to 0
snapshot n/ness/snapshots/(n)/trigiint1/ness/snapshots/4/trig 1load the corresponding snapshot when te parameter switches to 1. nothing appends when it switches back to 0
Play all movements/ness/master/moov/playiint1/ness/master/moov/play 1start the movement of all sources if programmed in NESS from the beginning of their trajectories when it receives 1
Pause all movements/ness/master/moov/pauseiint1/ness/master/moov/pause 1pause all source movements when it receives 1
Resume all movements/ness/master/moov/resumeiint1/ness/master/moov/resume1resume all source movements when it receives 1
Stop all movements/ness/master/moov/stopiint1/ness/master/moov/stop 1stop all movements and place the sources at the beginning of their trajectories

NESS supports also the ADM OSC syntax for the cartesian coordinates and width of the sources

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